'Techjam Mobile' is Techjam's latest innovation. At its core, a business independent mobile message delivery platform enabling businesses to communicate with their customers via mobile platforms in any language.

Built on top of the core a set of modules designed specifically for airlines. They are designed to generate ancillary revenue for airlines and improve efficiencies both guest facing and internaly with crew/staff.

Notifications Generate
Real-time targeted and customised ancillary sales offers
E-mail, SMS & Fax Itineraries
Mobile boarding passes (txt & 2D)
Alert non boarded checked-in guests
Flight disruption automated conversations
Destination travel advisories
Self serve 'Fare alerts' engine
Credit file expiry alerts
Airport/flight alert system
Premium SMS subscription services
Flight Information
Schedule information
Car hire integration
Customer surveys
Adhoc/Bulk messaging
Notifications Reduce Costs Reduce OTP Staff Engagement
SMS & E-mail rosters
Emergency alerts
Certificate expiry alerts
Staff surveys

Integration Specialists

The Techjam mobile platform is a building block to enable the sending, receiving and processing of customer and staff communications. This alone will not deliver your desired and automated outcomes without the integration between the Techjam mobile platform and your Reservation, Crewing, Loyalty and Revenue pricing information systems. This where Techjam differentiates from the competition.

Fast, agile and reliable integration, delivers your desired benefits.

The uses for this platform are endless. With this in mind we have developed it to be scalable and extremely flexible to ensure any revenue opportunities you want to try are achievable and sustainable! Our global server network gives us the best availability you can get.

Contact us for more information on how Techjam can help your business expand into the mobile world!